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Designed by educators, not just computer geeks. We’re here to create a better world for the children around the world.



Active Learners

When you launch your course through GCA, you’re getting access to thousands of potential learners who are eagerly seeking new training. You put a lot of time, energy, and creativity into your course. With our platform, you can get the recognition you deserve.

VIP Support

We’ve designed our platform to be as intuitive and seamless as possible to ensure users have no trouble navigating it. But we didn’t stop there! Our highly experienced team will guide you through the process of launching your course. Your course can go live within minutes.

Reports & Analytics

The GCA platform makes it easier for creators to keep track of employee engagement trends. You’ll have a personalized dashboard featuring a detailed report of user analytics including your return. This allows you to better organize and manage your courses.

Marketing & Sales

You’re the mastermind behind the course, not an expert marketer. And with GCA, you don’t have to be! Our platform is uniquely designed to optimize the exposure of your courses to compel new learners to sign up. We’ll guide you on how to increase the reach of your course.

Course Design

Need a hand editing existing courses or designing new ones entirely? We’ve got you covered! We’ll help you get all of your courses uploaded onto your personalized landing page so you can start attracting students.

Global Reach

As our name suggests, we’re dedicated to upskill professionals working with children around the globe. That’s why we make all of the courses on our platform available to students no matter where they are. Better yet, we’ll even help translate your course into their native tongue!





Start Scaling Up your Training Programs In Less Than 30 Days



1- Our platform offers state-of-the-art features for instructors, administrators, and learners. We have new updates and features that are added every month, and we allow our partners to host self-paced, in-person, instructor-led, and blended learning courses with tolls that increase learning outcomes.

2- It is not only a platform, the GCA Platform extends your online learning programs to a global audience.

3- The Global Childhood Academy (GCA) Platform is uniquely focused on providing training programs for adults who work with children from the ages of birth to 18. There is no other platform with a community like ours.

Absolutely, all partners that wish to bring their courses onto the platform must meet the following requirements:

  1. Topics are relevant to our focus area – beneficial to adults working with or caring for children.
  2. Academic standards (Learning outcomes, research-based, etc.)
  3. Technical standards (layout, sections, video and sound quality, etc.)

We provide all our partners with documentation, standards, guidelines, and videos to help ensure that all programs on our platform are of high quality.

To learn more about pricing, talk to one of our representatives.

Our platform hosts training programs for adults who work with children from the ages of birth to 18. Our providers come from:

  • Government agencies that serve children
  • Non-Profits that serve children Education organizations & programs
  • Healthcare industry that serves children
  • Financial Services that fund Children’s organizations
  • Small to Medium Enterprises that serve the childhood education industry
  • Any organization that serves children and cares about developing its own employees through online training.

Once you have signed a contract with GCA, you will have access to several resources to help you create and load your courses. Some of these resources include course standards, lighting and recording guidelines, presentation standards, how-to videos, etc. When your content is ready we will help you upload your course content, test it and then launch it.

The elegant design of the GCA platform means that you can be up and running fast using our out-of-the-box features. You also have the option to collaborate with our expert Onboarding Team who can customize and integrate to meet your exact specifications. Implementation time varies.

If you have an existing marketing website, we encourage you to keep it and make announcements about the launching of your courses on the Global Childhood Academy (GCA) Platform. You can create a link on your existing website that brings visitors to the platform, and once they log in they can see and browse your courses on the platform.

We service organizations whose primary mission and focus is to help children through education and other community services. The GCA platform is best for medium to large organizations that currently have online training courses for customers, partners, or employees and are looking to change from their current LMS or expand from offering training courses through their websites alone. The GCA Platform specializes in helping fast-growing companies that are looking to scale their learning programs quickly – and in a single platform, plus want to be a part of a movement and community that serves the global child. 

The GCA learning platform is ideal for any adult that serves, cares for, protects, or educates children around the world.  Individuals, schools, curriculum coordinators, program directors, heads of schools, or management leaders can find training courses for themselves or their staff that will help to gain credentials or satisfy CEU hours, learn new topics that can better serve children, or discover new courses that will elevate their programs with online training that is intended to innovate education and educators.

Easy, you do. When you publish a course on the GCA platform, you retain all the rights to your content. You simply grant us a license to host the course and make it available to our users.

The GCA Platform user interface is currently available in the following languages: Arabic and English. But, our platform is available in 40+ languages, and we are continuously working with new partners to bring multi-lingual courses to our platform.

Yes. During the onboarding phase, you will be able to test your course with a small audience that has admin level or instructor-level access to your course. Please book a demo to discuss piloting courses.

When you launch your courses on the Global Childhood Academy (GCA) Platform, your courses are immediately available to our global audience of existing users who are actively seeking to gain skills, and increase their knowledge in areas related to working with and caring for children. In addition, you benefit from a state-of-the-art platform for a fraction of the costs on a platform that is focused on your ideal learner.  Plus, as course providers from around the world begin to focus globally, the GCA Platform will be working alongside them to expand our translation options and services to all partners who are interested in offering their existing online learning in multiple languages.

Once your course is uploaded to our platform, you will be provided a special link to bring interested users to the registration page of your course. Please note that the interested party will need to create a free account before being able to access all of your online learning.

Once your learners log into their account, they can see all courses that are available to them for enrollment and browse for your organization’s landing page. The GCA platform has search features that allow learners to browse by course type, or by interest area. Your course will be made available in several locations to help learners find them in the most convenient and user-friendly way.

The GCA Platform makes building your profile easy. During the onboarding, our team will create a custom virtual project management board for you that contains links and downloadable guides to get started. There will be tons of videos for you to watch, answering all your questions and ensuring a smooth and fast launch of your eLearning courses.

Yes. Your landing page can include information about you or your organization, a link to your website, or showcase material, videos, or contact information. In addition to the landing page. As an add-on service, we can also create a custom domain and login for your organization

Please click the button below to schedule a demo. We have a range of tiers and packages that are perfect for all types of organizations.

The GCA learning management platform is designed to be very flexible so once you book a demo and discuss your needs we can help you with a personalized plan.


It depends on how far along you are with preparing your course content. If your course content is ready to upload onto the platform, then it will only take a day or two to upload it. Once it is uploaded onto the platform, you will have to test it from a user perspective before the final launch.

Yes. Your organization can upload both paid and free courses to the Global Childhood Academy platform. Please book a demo so we can discuss packages and tier levels with you to see what kind of courses you can upload.

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