Global Childhood Academy (GCA)

Upskilling the Adult Workforce in Childhood, Education, and Safety.

Dr. Samia Kazi Co-Founder / COO - Global Childhood Academy (GCA)

"We need Innovative , scalable, & collaborative ways to train and prepare the childhood workforce"

About GCA

Global Childhood Academy (GCA) is redefining childhood workforce preparation and upskilling. From educators to policymakers, our cutting-edge technological ecosystem fosters transformation, scalability, and global connectivity in organizations championing the next generation's well-being. Delve deeper into our mission, vision, and journey.

Childhood Workforce Crisis Response

The pandemic has unveiled a critical deficit in the skilled childhood workforce across the globe. The time to act and redress this imbalance is now, to build a stronger foundation for our future generations.

Top Trainers In One Hub

The global call to address the skilled workforce gap has spotlighted the imperative for quality training. Our platform serves as a nexus, bringing together premier training providers to effectively narrow this gap and foster excellence in childhood education.

Online Learning Evolution

The traditional methods of training have fallen short in meeting the dynamic demands of modern education. Transitioning to innovative online learning platforms is crucial to energize, equip, and retain a competent child-serving workforce ready to tackle real-world challenges.

Ecosystem Upskilling

The journey towards enhancing skills transcends the boundaries of individual educators. It encompasses a holistic upliftment of the entire ecosystem involved in child development, ensuring collective competency from administrative bodies to community stakeholders, all geared towards a unified goal of nurturing our children.

Workforce Preparation & Upskilling

GCA is changing the way groups of adults learn and gain the skills to care for, educate, and protect children. With our platform:

  • Global Expertise: Offer your groups courses from a singular renowned provider or diversify their learning with insights from leading experts worldwide.
  • Customized Group Learning: Design bespoke learning pathways for your groups and monitor their advancement.
  • Flexible Learning Modalities: Provide self-paced, instructor-led, hybrid, or in-person training events tailored to your groups' needs.
  • Track and Celebrate Achievements: Stay updated on your groups' skills development and recognize their milestones with online badges and certificates.
Hundreds of skills available across a diverse range of topic areas, including:

Our Approach

We collaborate with innovative training institutes, colleges, universities, NGOs, and private enterprises. Together, we're revolutionizing the way educators and professionals attain their credentials and continue their professional growth. Our mission is threefold:

  • Empower organizations dedicated to the professional advancement of childhood educators.
  • Ignite transformative change through innovative approaches to learning and credentialing.
  • Scale our impact through technological infrastructure and a cohesive, collaborative ecosystem.

Supporting the Childhood Workforce through a revolutionary technological ecosystem that empowers organizations with scalability, connectivity, and digitization.