What we offer


What we offer

Training Providers

Benefits for GCA


Feature Individual Corporate Educational Workforce Partner
Access to hundreds of self-paced and instructor led courses.

Gain verified digital credentials that are globally transferable

Meet, network, learn and share with other learners in GCA community.

Access to tools, frameworks, books and other resources.

A great way to train and upskill yourself. Learn new skills for your current job or land a new position.

The perfect solution for all sizes of organizations, from small, to corporate divisions, to enterprise-wide training programs.

Robust online learning for education, government, and workforce development organizations.

GCA is


GCA is like no other. We provide all in one dynamic and innovative learning platform and learner community that helps you manage all your training needs in one place.

We researched over 60 learning management systems being used around the world to understand the challenges you are facing in delivering your trainings and courses. Then we designed solutions for the most pressing challenges and created the Global Childhood Academy (GCA) platform. 

Why we are better than hosting platforms?

Like Coursera, Udemy, etc.

Because you won't get lost in a sea of unrelated courses!

Most online hosting platforms focus on topics like: Business, Computer science, Social Sciences, Tech and Data Science, Engineering, Art & Design.
We are the only learning management platform that caters to hosting trainings and courses for individuals or organizations whose work is focused on children.

Benefits for GCA

Training Providers

Feature Tier 1
Tier 2
Small-Med Training Providers
Tier 3
Enterprise Level
Create, launch, share or sell your expertise through the GCA platform

Offer self-paced learning

Offer self-paced, instructor-led, or blended learning

Offer self-paced, instructor-led, in-person, or blended learning

Offer free or fee-based programs to a global audience in multiple languages

Join an elite group of global vetted providers

Outsource your learning administration and LMS management

Get access to the world's best LMS and the only marketplace dedicated to adults and professionals serving children children

Get a custom designed storefront to showcase your products and services

Create advanced reports for internal quality assurance and external awarding bodies

Create bundles, subscriptions, and learning plans

Custom e-commerce, currency, and user registration settings

Create your own branch of GCA, connect your custom domain, or have a branded entrance

Get technical and marketing support to help you create, design, launch, and promote your courses

Global marketing campaigns & ScaleUp Support




A great way to create, launch, and promote your E-learning programs through a top-notch E-learning platform that will help you reach a global audience.

Host your courses on the GCA platform to increase learner satisfaction and enrollments from learners globally.

Use our platform to create your own interface, add your courses and offer globally recognized courses to your audiences.

Why are we better than an LMS?

Like TalentLMS, SAP Litmos, Docebo, etc.

Because you won't need any technical knowledge to host with us

To manage your own LMS, you need a lot of money, time, and resources to launch your courses and reach your audience.
With GCA, we get you up and running instantly, and you get immediate access to thousands of potential learners on our global marketplace.
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