system is composed of related and dependent element which when in interaction, forms a unitary whole.

Global Childhood Academy Is The First-Ever Platform That Has A Systems Approach To Capacity-Building.

We Partner With Those Who Offer Programs For All Stakeholders Who Serve The Global Child.

Global Childhood Academy is building the #1 multi-lingual hub for training adults who care, work with, and protect children

    • Our mission is to support the global child from birth to 18. 
    • We partner with individuals and organizations that offer quality programs and we help them prepare, design, adapt and launch their program globally. 
    • Our platform is the global online hub for training professionals that work directly or indirectly with children.

Our Focus Areas

Health and Safety: Children and families need open access to high quality medical care, safe environments that encourage exploration, discover, and connection to nurturing adults.

Child Development: Understanding how children grow and develop is essential to supporting their progress and engagement in the world.

Literacy : is essential to developing a strong sense of well-being and citizenship. Our goal is to support life-long learning and engagement in our fast pace global world. Literacy is essential for engagement.

Environment and Science : Environmental education in early childhood includes the development of a sense of wonder; appreciation for the beauty and mystery of the natural world; opportunities to experience joy, of the closeness to nature and respect for other creatures.Nature education is the gateway to imagination and innovation.

Economics : Economic development is connected to, and essential for equal opportunity that allows the best education and services are offered in all communities.

Sustainability : Young children will grow into the stewards of the earth. Connection and understanding of conservation leads to global sustainability.

Nutrition : Maternal prenatal nutrition and the child’s nutrition in the first 2 years of life (1000 days) are crucial factors in a child’s neurodevelopment and lifelong mental health.

Art and Culture : Art and creativity teach problem-solving, critical thinking and innovation skills that will create a strong foundation for life-long learning and collaboration.

Child Protection : Child protection is more than physical safety, it encompasses the total well-being of the child and family. We must ensure that children are in a safe nurturing environment that will allow them to grow to their fullest potential,

What inspires us

Recently, UNESCO launched their international framework: “Education for Sustainable Development” indicating the vital need for more inter-linkages between partners in local communities:

  • Formal education: Schools, universities, & research centers.
  • Non-formal education: Zoos, Museums, Gardens, Local Government, Community Leaders, Media, Local businesses, & NGOs.

UNESCO calls these stakeholders ‘Regional Centers of Expertise (RCEs)’

When we work together, we have the power ‘to create solutions that enable sustainable development practices in local communities by utilizing education, innovative learning methods and multi-stakeholder partnerships‘.

Read the full report here