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The Death of an LMS

The Death of an LMS 

Does your organization have several e-learning courses that you have developed over the last couple of years? Are you struggling to scale your courses, gain more learners and earn more revenue from distance learning? If you answered yes, then you probably either use an LMS now, or are struggling with one. 

Here is why we think you should NOT have an LMS for your organization in 2022 and beyond. 

LMS’s isolate you 

Put yourself in the shoes of a learner, how many different places do learners have to go to find the right training and upskilling they need? Learners often create accounts on multiple platforms and face difficulty in keeping up and remembering what they were doing and where. Naturally, learners will choose a platform that brings together programs from multiple sources rather than coming exclusively to your platform to access only your organization’s offerings. Don’t isolate yourself by creating a platform just for your courses. Meet the learners and offer them your expertise where they already are. 



LMS’s are a lot more expensive to manage than you think

A quality LMS will cost you at least 15-25k USD annually. Then you will need to hire technical support, graphic designers, web developers, and programmers to help you integrate your LMS and streamline your operations. Not to mention, you will have to re-train all your staff members who will now have new roles and responsibilities in connection to your LMS. Creating or using an LMS exclusively for your organization is a waste of time and energy.

LMS’s distracts you

Once you go through the painstaking steps of selecting, customizing, preparing, and launching your e-learning products on your LMS, you will be shocked when you realize the amount of sales and marketing you will have to do to make your LMS a success. Instead of focusing on what your organization does best, program development and delivery, your organization will have to invest a considerable amount of time and energy into managing your LMS.

Focus on making an impact. Outsource your learning administration and LMS management.

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