GCA was born

At our core, we are child advocates. We have dedicated our careers to helping to improve the quality of life for children everywhere, and because we care about children, we also care about people who care for them. For over 15+ years, we have been training over 11k teachers, parents, social workers, police officers, and advocates.

During COVID, we watched thousands of training providers struggle to utilize technology effectively. Things in the tech world are moving faster than ever. Blockchain, A.I., Metaverse are just some of the concepts that educators and professionals need to be able to deal with.

So GCA decided to create a group of experts from the tech, education, growth, and marketing fields to create a platform that we can all share and utilize to help solve some of the challenges we face today.

Why a platform for adults

Serving children?

We call ourselves a platform with a mission – a mission to serve children globally. And we do this by upskilling and supporting the adults (from multiple sectors) that work with children.  But why do we need a platform that is dedicated to training, credentialing, and upskilling adults working with, caring for, and protecting children? 

Well, to answer that, we need to tell you about a little girl…

Meet Noor 💜

Noor is a 5-year-old girl in preschool. In her early years of life (the most critical years), Noor will interact with a range of adults, including her parents, caretakers, educators, health professionals, coaches, and if girls like Noor suffer from abuse or neglect, there will be interactions with social workers, and law enforcement officers, and other child protection actors. Moreover, although Noor does not know it, policymakers, researchers, business leaders, entrepreneurs, and advocates make plans for children like Noor.

Where do you think all those adults get their training?
How important is it for them to upskill?
How important is it for them to know about their roles and that of other adults who will be interacting with girls like Noor?

This is why GCA is different.
We are unique because we are the only online learning platform created with children like Noor in mind. We know what it means to be child-centered.

We believe that we can do this by working together.
We know how essential partnerships are, and we know that it’s important to share resources, to lean on each other through trusted systems. That’s why we created the best platform to serve both our learners and training providers.

We think in


Systems thinking is a holistic approach to analysis that focuses on how a system’s constituent parts interrelate and how systems work overtime and within the context of larger systems.
GCA uses systems thinking to make sense of the complexity of the world surrounding children by looking at it in terms of wholes and relationships rather than by splitting it down into its parts.




Founders trained over 11k educators, social workers, parents, social workers, policy makers, and parents. 

March 2020

we watched as tens of thousands of professionals serving children struggled to move their trainings and services online.

The world was not prepared.

Children paid the price.

August 2020

We created an online PLATFORM that supports the professional learning needs of adults in various child serving sectors.

  • Welcomed over 781 students
  • Launched over 150 courses
  • Partnered with 12 training providers
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