May is #Global Civility (Courtesy) Month

It can be easy to think only about your own problems and forget to be courteous to those around you, but the world would be a much better place if everyone was just a little bit nicer to others. This is the month to practice civility in your life to make your own little corner of the world a little bit brighter. Let us all push ourselves towards a kinder lifestyle each day during May!


“Life is a gift,
and I try to respond
with grace and courtesy”

(Maya Angelou)

Take the Challenge

Global Civility Challenge. What does it mean to be kind?  Will it make a difference if we do one kind thing each day or one big gesture?  We are all working with children and reflecting on civility is important because each one of us can make a difference every day, in our own way.  Here is a challenge with some simple ideas to share with your students or try out for yourself.

Day 1: Say Hello to five people today

Day 2: Smile often at others

Day 3: Be courteous on public transit and offer a seat to an elder or someone in need.

Day 4: Rember to say PLEASE and THANK-YOU

Day 5: Make eye contact with people.

Day 6: Monitor your volume on your cellphone or radio.

Day 7: Treat others with kindness.

Day 8: Try to remember people’s names.

Day 9: Offer constructive feedback in the form of a compliment sandwich.

Day 10: Introduce those around you.

Day 11: Eat in the lunchroom and be social.

Day 12: Be proud of your appearance. Dress nicely.

Day 13: Share the sidewalk with others.

Day 14: Hold the elevator door open for others.

Day 15: Be patient with others.

Day 16: Keep your work area clean.

Day 17: Make personal phone calls in private.

Day 18: Close your mouth when you are whewing and use a napkin.

Day 19: don’t interrupt others.

Day 20: Be outgoing and introduce yourself to others in social situations.

Day 21: Make sure to always use a positive tone.

Day 22: Don’t litter. (Pick up some litter too!)

Day 23: Replace empty toilet paper and paper towel rolls.

Day 24: Avoid profanity.

Day 25: Clean up your own mess.

Day 26: Set a positive example for others.

Day 27: include your co-workers in conversations.

Day 28: Leave a fair tip when dining out.

Day 29: Turn off your cell phones during meetings (and with family!)

Day 30: Hold the door for others.

Day 31: repeat, repeat…..

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