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Showcase your expertise within our global community & platform! The Global Childhood Academy is a leading online learning platform with a growing global community of professionals serving children. 

  • Attract more learners internationally 
  • Design and deliver impactful learning 
  • Serve learners in multiple regions/languages  
  • Use GCA data & learner analytics to innovate new programs




  • When you Join GCA, you will have access to a top-notch learning management platform.
  • Through GCA, you will be able to provide your learners Blockchain Verified Credentials.


  • GCA partners gain instant access to a global community of learners
  • Network, share and collaborate with other partners on the GCA platform to achieve collective impact.


  • GCA works with partners to scale and grow into new regions and languages.

*These are some of the organizations we work with. We also work with small NGOs, international NGOs, training centers, education ministries, universities, as well as individual subject matter experts.

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That Set Us Apart

After researching a ton of learning management tools, we chose to bring you a solution that has the top 17 LMS features that educators need to deliver quality learning online, in-person, or both. Want a detailed description of the features? Click here.

That’s not all. We also added 12 additional features that we believe NO other LMS provides. These are essential for the success of any online learning provider. Without them, you will not be able to reach enough learners or deliver impactful learning. Want a detailed description of the features? Click here.

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Save your time, money, and resources with The Global Childhood Academy (GCA) Platform. GCA believes stakeholders need to work together to build a strong and interconnected ecosystem committed to the comprehensive upskilling of professionals and adults serving children.

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