As child advocates and parents, Samia and Tariq spent 15+ years serving children and working with teachers, social workers, police officers, and health professionals and training them to care for young children.

Dr. Samia Kazi started her career as a computer programmer and analyst but then got her master’s and doctoral degrees in education and ed policy reform. The Huffington Post named her one of the top women who reshaped early childhood education in the Middle East. 

  • Certified Blockchain Developer
  • Ph.D. in Educational Leadership, Early Childhood Quality assurance, Education Management
  • Masters in Education Policy and Leadership, Early Childhood Education and Curriculum Standards
  • Bachelor of Science, Business Administration, and Applied Computing

Dr. Tariq Kashmiri is a certified KPI Associate. He holds certificates in: strategic decision making and risk management, emergency management, project management, and non-profit leadership and management. He also holds a child protection specialist certification from the Scottish Police college. He has won multiple awards, including a community citizenship award for child advocacy, 1st prize entrepreneurship project sponsored by HSBC bank, and 1st prize Prince Sultan bin Salman Award for excellence in design and development.

  • Ph.D. Leadership in the Public Sector
  • Master of Science in Strategic Management
  • MSc. Architecture
  • Bachelors Architecture

Dr. Samia Kazi & Dr. Tariq Kashmiri



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