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Globally curated COURSES, in collaboration with the world’s foremost training institutions.

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Course providers include curated mix of globally recognized and local experts.

Personalizable Learning Paths

Design personalized learning paths for each team member or group.

User-Friendly Experience

Designed by experts who love and respect childhood stakeholders.

Enroll in a diploma program, professional certification or apprenticeship program designed to prepare you for the childhood workforce.

Don’t scramble at the year’s end to meet your professional development requirements. With our vast course offerings, achieve your annual milestones with ease and confidence.

Each course is designed to enhance the specific skills required by the professional childhood workforce.

With specialized courses tailored for career growth, position yourself for promotions, leadership roles, and new opportunities in the educational sphere.

Whether you prefer early morning sessions or late-night study, our platform’s flexibility allows you to learn at a pace and time that suits you best.

Facing a classroom dilemma or administrative hurdle? Discover courses that address and resolve your specific, immediate problems.

Why search aimlessly or spend exorbitantly elsewhere? Find efficient, cost-effective training solutions all in one place, saving you both time and money.

Beyond Traditional Course Offerings

Global Childhood Academy isn’t merely an access point to a collection of courses. It’s your gateway to resources that empower you to customize, stack, and construct impactful learning experiences. 

What You Get with Global Childhood Academy

🔍 Streamlined Workforce Training

Effortlessly prepare your workforce, whether they’re pre-service or in-service. From problem-solving to career advancement.

🌟 Discover Top-Notch Training Providers

Skip the endless search. We’ve partnered with the industry’s best, granting you direct access to the foremost providers in childhood workforce training.

🚀 Elevate with Advanced Online Learning

No more boring online training. Get self-paced, live, and instructor-led training, through bite-sized modules or specialized certifications that you can customize.

⚖️ Balance Time & Energy for Leaders

Juggling multiple tasks? We’ve got you. Centralize your professional development: assign, track, and measure, all while aligning training impact with your center’s key performance indicators.

🤝 Empower the Entire Ecosystem

Extend the scope of your training beyond the confines of your center. Engage parents, policymakers, and other vital stakeholders to collaboratively cultivate an environment where children thrive.

Subscription & Pricing

Single Course Access

Best For: Professionals seeking to obtain a professional certificate or qualification.

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  • Access short courses, master courses, professional certificates and diploma programs.
  • Multilingual content
  • Includes Self-paced, Live, and Instructor-Led Training
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Individual Subscription

Best For: Professionals seeking professional development courses to advance in there career.

24 USD Per Month Billed Annually
  • Full access to hundreds of courses
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  • Exclusive webinars and live events
  • Verified Credentials
  • Create Learning Paths
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Group Subscription
LearnPro Group

Best For: Groups of adult learners aiming for comprehensive access to hundreds of short courses.

19 USD Per Month Billed Annually
  • Full access to hundreds of courses
  • Bilingual content
  • Includes Self-paced, Live, and Instructor-Led Training
  • Exclusive webinars and live events
  • Verified Credentials
  • Create Learning Paths
  • Group Access: Ideal for Teams & Institutions
  • In-depth Reporting and Training Impact Analytics
  • Team Performance Monitoring & Analysis
  • Digital Observation and Assessment Checklists
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What people are saying about GCA

“As a leader of 40 teachers, i get to assign courses according to the individual needs of each one of my teachers”



I’ve taken multiple courses on GCA, and I’m constantly impressed by the relevance and depth of the content. It feels tailor-made for us educators.



Find Your Local Providers

Align with your local regulations by selecting region-specific providers.

Receive locally verified certificates, pay in your own currency, and benefit from tailored content that resonates with your community through your local and trusted provider listed below:







 Thumbnail Title Language Offered By Type
ThumbnailHow do children with autism learn?EnglishBright Start FoundationMini Course
ThumbnailHow Leaders’ Emotionality Impacts the CommunityEnglishHousman InstituteMini Course
ThumbnailHow to Engage Young Children in Remote LearningEnglishArabian ChildMaster Course
ThumbnailHow to prepare your nursery for COVIDEnglishHelen AbdullahMaster Course
ThumbnailICT Development & Online Learning for Early Years CentersEnglishHelen AbdullahMaster Course
ThumbnailImplementing Leadership & Reflective PracticeEnglishHousman InstituteMini Course
ThumbnailIntroduction to Early Childhood Education and CareEnglishArabian ChildCertificate
ThumbnailKeeping Child Assessment Developmentally AppropriateEnglishBright Start FoundationMini Course
ThumbnailLearning CentersEnglishArabian ChildMini Course
ThumbnailLearning Environments for Early Childhood ProgramsEnglishArabian ChildMini Course
ThumbnailLearning Environments for Enhancing CreativityEnglishArabian ChildMini Course
ThumbnailMaking the Most out of Early Childhood Assessment Practices and InformationEnglishBright Start FoundationMini Course
ThumbnailMEDIA LITERACY IN EARLY CHILDHOOD: Young Children as Critical Users of MediaEnglishBright Start FoundationMini Course
ThumbnailMoving and Learning! Physical Activities for Young Children with DisabilitiesEnglishBright Start FoundationMini Course
ThumbnailMusic & Rhythm in the Early YearsEnglishHelen AbdullahMaster Course
ThumbnailNCFE CACHE Level 2 Certificate Introducing Caring for Children and Young PeopleEnglishArabian ChildMini Course
ThumbnailNCFE CACHE Level 3 Diploma for the Early Years Workforce (Early Years Educator) (QCF) - E Learning ProgramEnglishArabian ChildDiploma
ThumbnailNCFE CACHE Level 3 Diploma for the Early Years Workforce (Early Years Educator) (QCF) - Instructor Led ProgramEnglishArabian ChildDiploma
ThumbnailNutrition in the Early YearsEnglishArabian ChildMini Course
ThumbnailObservation and Assessment Skills for Early Childhood EducatorsEnglishArabian ChildMini Course
ThumbnailPositive Guidance For Challenging BehaviorEnglishArabian ChildMini Course
ThumbnailPOSITIVE TECHNOLOGY DEVELOPMENT: Using Technology to Engage Young ChildrenEnglishBright Start FoundationMini Course
ThumbnailPrinciples of Child Development and LearningEnglishArabian ChildMini Course
ThumbnailReflective PracticeEnglishHousman InstituteMini Course
ThumbnailReflective Practice: Self-Awareness, Communication & Problem SolvingEnglishHousman InstituteMaster Course
 Thumbnail Title Language Offered By Type