A holistic framework for training adults who serve children

The holistic nature and shared importance of childhood calls for a comprehensive approach that involves all actors across multiple sectors (Nurturing Care Framework, World Health Organization, 2018). All adults… … including caretakers, educators, health practitioners, entrepreneurs, leaders, judges, social workers, policy makers law enforcement officers, lawyers, and journalists have a role to play in protecting, caring for and serving children.

When the Voice of the Child Must Be Heard

One of the most challenging subjects that early childhood educators deal with is sexual harassment.  There are many issues to consider when thinking about teaching children about violence, especially sexual violence.  Most teachers will tell you how uncomfortable they are talking to children about topics that can be taboo in their culture.  How parents will …

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Artificial intelligence and early childhood professionals

Whether we like it or not, artificial intelligence is almost certainly an inevitability in the future of education. Attempts to design artificially intelligent curriculums for early childhood already exist, such as the MIT-developed “PopBots,” meant to help preschool children interact with social robots to learn AI concepts. However, as research into AI and its application to the education sector expands, we need to consider the readiness of current teachers, and prepare future teachers, for this new reality. 

Protecting Children: Multi-Sectoral Partnerships for Serving Children

  A need or a necessity? In children’s development, organizational partnerships—such as those between education, health services, media, etc.—need to work together as a coherent team so that children receive services in alignment rather than in fragments from different organizations. The classical solution of creating multi-organizational committees is no longer sufficient for dealing with the …

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