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Boost Your Online Teaching with Diverse Stock Photo Images

A picture is worth a thousand words…and your reputation!

As the world gets smaller, we as content creators must be more inclusive and global in our view of learners.  At the GCA Platform, our marketing and admin teams are guiding content creation for online learning, and one of the first items we review are the images that are being used.  Why images?  Because this is the first place that you are forming trust with your learners.  Their eyes are absorbing your content before their ears and minds–so do not underestimate your choice of images.


  • Do not make the mistake of using images that you have “always used.”
  • Do not make the mistake of choosing images that look just like you.
  • Do not make the mistake of not paying for quality, diverse images that represent the world we live in today.


  • Choose images that look like all of your [potential] learners.
  • Choose images that are quality and make learners understand their own global importance in the world.
  • Find stock images that are natural, diverse, and affordable.
  • Find images that speak to your entire global audience–not just the one you always had.

Here are 5 Diverse Stock Image Sites for Online Training




Powered by image creators around the world, Unsplash is a free source of wonderfully diverse and inclusive stock images.  Constantly changing and adding new images, you can find a whole new world of images to make your online content more relevant and relatable to learners.



Let’s be real here: “black” people are as diverse and beautiful as any other skin color, but most images from larger companies have a tendency to offer one or two models doing multiple roles.  Nappy is for real.  Beautiful, diverse, relevant and diverse.





Pexels is an amazing site for free images.  It is growing and changing every time we go in to find just the perfect image.  Diverse, relevant, and real.  All critical online learning qualities in a global world.



Shotstash has a growing list of content contributors that is sure to put it on your go-to list for beautiful images with a diverse and authentic vibe. Its people collection includes vibrant and authentic faces.




Tonal knows that behind every face is a story. That is what the “1000 words” we are trying to convey in our images is all about.  When you are looking for people with something say, look no further.

Keep A Running List

I recommend that you keep a list of stock photo companies and test out their search features.  How easy is it to find what you need?  Are there free images?  Is this the story I want to tell in an image?

Never forget that you are teaching a global world.  Open up your expertise by sharing images that are expressive of each person on the planet who needs your course.  If you can infuse your courses with the stories of #globalpeople for the benefit of the #globalchild, then we are all one step closer to actually achieving that global goal.

And please share your favorite stock image companies in the notes.  We will try to share a new list.

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Maria Bereket, The GCA Marketing Team | Content Strategy & Creation | Digital & Social Media Programs | Online Learning Designer | Early Childhood Programs & Advocacy

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