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A Holistic Framework for Upskilling Professionals Serving Children

The holistic nature and shared importance of childhood calls for a comprehensive approach that involves all actors across multiple sectors (Nurturing Care Framework, World Health Organization, 2018).

All adults…

… including caretakers, educators, health practitioners, entrepreneurs, leaders, judges, social workers, policy makers law enforcement officers, lawyers, and journalists have a role to play in protecting, caring for and serving children.

The GCA Framework

The Global Childhood Academy (GCA) is the first and only platform that was built to create the online hub for all adults to come and learn together, in one community. When interacting with children there are key fundamental skills that we all need in order to help us provide the best quality service and care to children.

Do all learners learn the same thing on the platform? 

Some learning programs are relevant for all. When interacting with children there are key fundamental skills that we all need in order to help us provide the best quality service and care to children. Being able to support child development and protect children from abuse and neglect are two examples of skills that all adults who interact with children need.

In other cases, we need to specialize in our own area of expertise. Law enforcement officers need to learn how to investigate cases of suspected child abuse, while educators need to know when to report cases of concern. Educators and parents need to know the signs of potential developmental delays, while educational specialists need to be able to provide support and programs to help that child succeed and achieve their fullest potential.

Why do these learners have to learn together? 

There is much research about the benefits of joint training. As adults and professionals, we begin to appreciate the roles of others, and how it connects to what we are doing. More skills and knowledge is shared and trust increases between stakeholders.

A well-designed and effective cross-sector partnership benefits partners through Increased scale – Successful partnerships leverage combined resources to reach more people and amplify impact and results.

GCA, the platform with a mission 

We believe by creating this multi-stakeholder platform, we are helping create better partnerships and collaboration for the service of young children around the world.

Global Childhood Academy is a platform for high-quality education programs open to everyone serving, caring or working with children globally. We collaborate with like-minded, passionate individuals and organizations who want to make a global impact on the lives of children.

We envision a future where children are the center of the community and have access to high-quality education programs where educators collaborate at the individual, community, and societal level.

To Join the Global Childhood Academy (GCA) platform, click here www.globalchildhoodacademy.org

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Dr. Samia Kazi, Global Childhood Academy Partner. Samia is a social entrepreneur, innovator, and partnership builder. Samia has been the CEO of Arabian Child (arabianchild.org), and now serves as a regional director at Childhood Education International (ACEI.org) and a voluntary board member at Ellis (ellismemorial.org). The Huffington Post named her one of the top women who are reshaping early childhood education in the Middle East. Samia holds a Ph.D. in Educational Policy Leadership, a master’s degree in Education Policy and Leadership. Samia is married with four children.

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