April is Celebrate Diversity Month

We welcome the month of April with a call to action: Take time to Celebrate Diversity Month.

As our world becomes smaller it is important to embrace one another and learn all that we can about different cultures, religions, and the daily life of others around the world.  Let’s start with the children.  Ask them what makes them different.  Then reach out to family, friends, and neighbors; so that we may all gain a better understanding of our global family. Here a few examples to get you inspired throughout the entire month:

1. Invite families to prepare their favorite foods and share with the children where participants bring in dishes that represent their ethnicity or their favorite ethnic foods.
2. Create a craft with the children that represent different cultures.
3. Read books about different cultures and ask the children to write their own books.
4. Explore art in different cultures and discuss how the different images inspire people.
5. Explore different cultures through art forms, poetry, music, crafts, traditional costumes, language, etc. Have an art show featuring local, diverse artists, or poetry reading, or a concert.
6. Find a movie that talks about travel to another country.  Have the children write their own movie.
7. Have a display or flag ceremony of different nations’ flags. What kind of flag would each child design that represents their own family?
8. Discuss children of the world and start a list with all the things that make children the same.

We will be sharing new activities in our newsletter, social media posts, and here, in our blogs all month long so please share your stories and pictures.


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