What is the

GCA Platform!

The Global Childhood Academy (GCA) Platform is an online hub for credentialing and upskilling adults who care for, protect and educate children.

GCA’s global mission is to serve young children by creating a systems-based, child-centered learning hub.  

We built an infrastructure to bring together educators, social workers, health professionals, parents, law enforcement officers, lawyers, judges, media, and advocates – all on one platform to access learning programs offered by global organizations in multiple languages.  

What we do for



  • Hundreds of courses from global vetted providers
  • Digital Credentials


  • Tools and Frameworks
  • Books and articles


  • Forums & Discussion Baords
  • Events

GCA is a platform with a mission
to serve children around the world

What we do for

Training Providers


  • Learning Management Platform (LMS)
  • Blockchain verified certificates
  • Course authoring software


  • Instructional design
  • LMS setup and launch
  • E-Learning storefront


  • Consultancy & Growth Marketing
  • Training for Training Providers
  • ScaleUP Campaigns

The holistic nature and shared importance of childhood calls for a comprehensive approach that involves all actors across multiple sectors.

(Nurturing Care Framework, World Health Organization).

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