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Building a Skilled Workforce for Children’s Well-being: The Role of the Global Childhood Academy

The interconnected aspects of childhood and their mutual significance necessitate a comprehensive approach that engages all stakeholders across various sectors, as emphasized in the Nurturing Care Framework by the World Health Organization (2018).

All adults—be it caretakers, educators, health practitioners, entrepreneurs, leaders, judges, social workers, policymakers, law enforcement officers, lawyers, or journalists—have a critical role in safeguarding, nurturing, and serving children.

Introducing the GCA Framework

The Global Childhood Academy (GCA) is a unique and innovative platform designed to establish an online hub where all adults can join and learn together within a single community. Essential skills are required when interacting with children, enabling us to deliver the highest quality of service and care.


What do learners gain from the platform?

Thanks to our growing global network of training providers, some learning programs on the GCA platform are universally relevant. For instance, supporting child development (offered by ACC) and protecting children from abuse and neglect (offered by Amnesty Int) are crucial skills for all adults who interact with children.

In other scenarios, it is necessary to specialize in one’s area of expertise. For example, law enforcement officers must learn how to investigate suspected child abuse cases, while educators need to recognize when to report concerns. Both educators and parents should be aware of potential developmental delays, whereas educational specialists must provide support and programs that enable children to reach their full potential.

The importance of collective learning

Numerous studies highlight the advantages of joint training. As adults and professionals, we gain a deeper understanding of the roles others play and how they relate to our own responsibilities. This shared experience leads to the exchange of skills and knowledge and fosters increased trust among stakeholders.

An effective and well-designed cross-sector partnership benefits all parties by combining resources to reach more people, thereby amplifying impact and results.

GCA: A mission-driven platform

The Global Childhood Academy aims to foster better partnerships and collaboration among the providers of training programs, certifications, and qualifications in serving young children worldwide. By creating an ecosystem of upskilling, we are achieving a multi-stakeholder platform. Our mission is to offer high-quality education programs accessible to everyone involved in caring for or working with children globally. We collaborate with passionate local and regional organizations driven to make a lasting impact on children’s lives.


Our vision is a future where children are the focal point of the community, receiving care, support, and protection from proficient professionals, who benefit from exceptional learning programs facilitated by locally empowered training providers – Dr. Samia Kazi – Co-Founder

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